International applications rise despite rise in tuition fees

Jeanine Raw

University of Glasgow has seen an increase in the number of UCAS applications from international students following the release of January application figures.

The number of applications from abroad had been expected to drop after visa changes laid out by the United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA). Students are now required to prove to the UKBA that they can afford their tuition, which ranges between £11,250 and £28,500 for a 4-year honours degree and up to £41,000 for a postgraduate qualification.  Additionally Universities are required to monitor some international students to ensure they attend lectures.

Despite this, Glasgow University has seen an increase in UCAS applications this year from international students for both undergraduate and postgraduate places. A spokesman for the University of Glasgow said: “As of 15 January our undergraduate applications from international locations is up 11%, from 1327 in 2012 to 1472 this year.

“Our latest figures on postgraduate applications show that, as of 31 December 2012, our applications from international locations had grown by 20% – up from 11463 in 2011 to 13747.”

However, some students across the UK have had to face deportation due to the new regulations. This has led to British universities gaining an unfriendly reputation, particularly in India.

However, a History student in his second year commented saying: “The real barrier is language rather than culture. People seem to mix pretty well together. I’m friends with people from as far away as South Africa and as cool as Transylvania and I think that mix is what makes university in  Glasgow a more exciting experience.”


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