Police warn of cash machine tampering

Louise Wilson

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Strathclyde police have once more issued a warning to those using cash machines in the West End, following evidence of various machines being tampered with.

A student from Glasgow University recently contacted the SRC after a cash machine they had tried to use had devices attached to it. An iPod had been set to record facing the PIN pad, as well as a thin card being inserted into the machine causing others to stick.

Jess McGrellis, VP Student Support, tweeted a warning to students to raise awareness of the issue saying: “Please be extra vigilant at cash machines in the West End. If your card is not returned please contact the police.”

The rise in cards being stolen from the cash machines has been ongoing since April 2012 in the Glasgow City Centre area. Investigations are ongoing. Although there has not been a definitive rise in stolen card in the West End area in the past few weeks, police still encourage people to remain alert and report any suspicious activity around machines.

Sergeant Ewan Logie, of Strathclyde Police, encouraged students to contact the police if they believe a machine to have been tampered with. He said: “We would encourage people that, if there is a device on a specific machine, to not use the machine and contact the police immediately.”

He continued to encourage people to be aware of their surroundings whilst using a cash machine, particular people who continue “loitering around an ATM machine without using them.”

If your card is not returned to you after using a cash machine, it is advised to contact your bank immediately to put a block on the card. You should also notify the police of the event, particularly if it is clear a device has been attached.


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