I Found Edward Snowden by http://www.flickr.com/photos/robertdouglass/9482012072/sizes/o/

Edward Snowden is new rector of Glasgow University

Euan McTear & Hannah McNeill

I Found Edward Snowden by http://www.flickr.com/photos/robertdouglass/9482012072/sizes/o/

The new rector of the University of Glasgow will be Edward Snowden after the election results were announced this afternoon. Students and media gathered at the Bute Hall to find out which of the four candidates had been chosen by students to replace the outgoing Charles Kennedy.

The polls opened on Monday morning and were closed at 5pm today, with the result announced just afterwards. Snowden saw off his three rival candidates, Kelvin Holdsworth, Graeme Obree and Alan Bissett to win the election.

The NSA whistleblower is believed to be in exile in Russia and his campaign team were clear that Snowden would not be a working rector and that electing him was instead “a unique opportunity to show their support for the US whistleblower.”

The total number of votes in the first round of the two round single transferable voting system was 6,560 with 75 spoiled votes. Alan Bissett was eliminated at this stage after picking up 983 votes, while Kelvin Holdsworth and Graeme Obree reached the second round with 1,258 and 1,120 votes respectively. Snowden received 3,124 votes at this stage – 48% of the total.

In the second round of voting there were 238 spoiled votes and Snowden was the winner with 3,347 votes – 51% of the total. The runner-up was again Holdsworth with 1,563 votes and Obree received 1,412 votes after those who picked Alan Bissett as their first choice saw their second choices counted.

Edward Snowden is to serve three years as rector of the University.


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