Moffat Returns for 50th

Tom Kelly
Editor in Chief

It has been confirmed Steven Moffat will be returning to the university as part of the celebrations for the Glasgow University Student Televisions fiftieth birthday.

The event is particularly notable as Glasgow University Student Television claims to be the oldest continually active student television station in the world. Moffat was a member of GUST’s team before leaving university and has over the last 30 years become one of the most famous screenwriters in British Television, creating the internationally popular Sherlock Holmes adaption Sherlock in the same year as he became showrunner and lead writer of the iconic Doctor Who television series. When Moffat returned to Glasgow University in June he said ‘It’s the people that you meet and the things that you do at university that can really help you. Certainly being involved with GUST was one of them, ’

Moffat will be returning for a celebratory dinner which will be held on October 18th, gathering together GUST members from as far back as the 1970’s.

GUST controller Sarah Batttold the Guardian “It’s a celebration of student television in general really as it’s the oldest continually running station in the world. The amount of material we’ve come across from as far back as the seventies up until now has been amazing and what’s been unbelievable is how little GUST’s style has changed and it all really shows it’s all about how the power of students has driven it (GUST) all these years.’


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