The Art School Welcomes… Subcity / NOTJ / No Globe

The Art School’s big Fresher’s event this year welcomes the Subcity team as it’s headline act

Connor Belshaw
Subcity Event Team

Around this time of year, a team of highly trained PR monkeys are released on to the streets of Glasgow by the city’s many venues. All claim to espouse the gospel truth and all state that their employer’s booze soaked basement is the premier party palace in all the city. A lot of them provide foam as some kind of wild incentive to visit their venue, as if wet hair and a full-face rash are the perfect accompaniments to the next day’s hangover. Fresher or no, you will be verbally assaulted by a seemingly infinite number of paper lackeys all positing the preposterous notion that they hold the key to libatious glory. Whilst many of you will spend most of your time drinking near your accommodation, the more discerning revellers amongst us will struggle valiantly to discover their ideal party location. It’s all about making the right decision but really guys, who came to Glasgow to make good choices?

As we all know by now, Friday is the new Sunday. By virtue of this phenomenon, Wednesday is the new Friday and you’re going to want to save up most of your freshers excesses for this date. It’s the party peak in the middle of a seven-day period of worship to the fun god.

On this hallowed day, The Art School is hosting the shindig to end all shindigs (although there will probably be more parties that exist in the future). Three rooms and a trio of esteemed promoters make for a whole lot of fun. Throwing shapes in the project space, we have DIY internationalists No Globe; a collective of DJs and artists from Edinburgh known to get the party rocking with a multifarious mix of tunes from the whole world over. Taking care of the Vic Bar are fellow world music enthusiasts Night of the Jaguar who have established themselves as the apex of the city’s burgeoning eclecticism scene. Prepare for everything from Afro-acid bangers to Latin-funk floor fillers.

Laying waste to the legendary Assembly Hall will be the sworn duty of the Subcity Radio massive, representing Glasgow’s premier free-form radio station. Dancehall stalwarts Argonaut Sounds head up a roster of some of the station’s finest selectors. Deep Brandy Album Cuts and Head Boppin’/Body Poppin’, purveyors of everything from T-Pain to House thereof, will be going head to head to make your body pop whilst Mr Tuner of tape-label Handpicked will spin future juke booty bumpers like it’s going out of fashion. Starting off proceedings will be new-kids-on-the-block Echobloom, with a firm spectral analysis oscillating harmoniously at 528hz. Allow them to re-align your frequency and come resonate with us.

To quote/rip-off the slogan of the NOTJ boys, The Art School Welcomes… is free for the people. Exactly zero pounds and zero pence for every one of all ages, abilities and educational, economic and social statuses as long as they’re willing to do what is required of them and have a bloody good time. I’ll see you there.


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