Edward Snowden comes out in support of divestment

Sam Wigglesworth
News Editor

Edward Snowden, the Rector for Glasgow University, has come out in support of the decision made yesterday by the University Court in favor of divesting from fossil fuels.

Edward Snowden

Snowden stated, “I am proud to offer my support and endorsement for Climate Action Society’s fossil fuels divestment campaign.”

“By confronting the threat of unsustainable energy use and exploration to our planetary habitat, the students of Glasgow University do a public service for all families of today and tomorrow.”

Breffni O Connor, President of the Student’s Representative Council (SRC) commented on Snowden’s endorsement of divestment and stated to the Glasgow Guardian,

“I said yesterday the decision by court is a testament to the strength of effective student activism. Divestment is something the entire university community can be proud of. It is excellent to see the Rector engaged with students concerns. He has expressed his desire to engage directly with students and this is something the SRC and the University will be facilitating very shortly.”

Yesterday, Glasgow University became the first university in the UK to divest from the usage of fossil fuels, on the condition that the financial impact this will have for the University is acceptable. The University Court voted in favour of an immediate cap on fossil fuel industry investment at 10% of the University’s portfolio and also aims to dispose of its investments in the fossil fuel industry within the next 10 years.


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