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A Canadian living in the UK, Tom Stade has brought something a little different to the comedy scene. Equipped with eclectic, original material and a genuine talent for making people laugh, Stade has quite deservedly built up a reputation as one of the ‘must see’ comedians in Britain. Having performed at BBC One’s Live at The Apollo, CH4’s Comedy Gala and Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow, Tom has developed a dedicated fan base and an avid network of followers. From performing at Edinburgh Festival to working with Frankie Boyle on Tramadol Nights, it is safe to say that Stade definitely knows and understands the Scottish sense of humour.

The Glasgow Guardian managed to catch up with Tom on his new UK tour, ‘Decisions, Decisions.’ Here he tells us about his inspiration and shares his love of comedy:

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Can you tell us about the philosophy/inspiration behind your material?

Most of my inspiration comes from my family, particularly my Uncles and Dad. They were total jokers their whole life. Alcoholic jokers! Growing up with them around was hilarious; I grew up with constant laughter. They were great, always so much fun. On stage I’ll find myself pulling a face the way my Dad did, and y’know, it keeps them [family] alive through comedy. I like to keep their memory going. My kids too, they’re a big inspiration. I just love talking to them. They definitely make me laugh. My daughter will say something, and I will just laugh at her logic! I find inspiration in them all the time.

How does the Scottish audience compare to the Canadian audience?

(Laughing) It depends where in Scotland you are, as you’ll know. Glasgow is different to Edinburgh, which is different to Aberdeen, which is different again to Dundee! Glasgow is friendly and you have a good time and you guys don’t take it too seriously. I mean you guys [Scotland] had a chance for independence, and you made the funniest choice. Like ‘NO! No way, someone else rule us, we can’t rule ourselves!’ You make me laugh. And Canada man, it’s just such long drives. Here it’s quick to get from one city to another. In Canada, drives are so so long you forget why or where you’re going. In terms of humor, the Canadians are more polite, and definitely more PC. But PC doesn’t go well for me. PC never goes well for comedy full stop. PC is good for politicians etc, but not so much for comedians! So in that sense Scotland is better.

Why live in Scotland?

It’s not so tense up in Scotland! You guys know how to have a good time. It’s like: ‘Let’s go to a festival where we paint the castle neon!’ (Laughing). You’re definitely not as serious as England. You can relax and have a good time, have a laugh. You’re a good crowd.

How did you get into comedy?

Just like it always is: luck! I got through an audition in Vancouver, and then I started at a comedy club and got the rush. Y’know, like when people take drugs and they get a rush, I get a rush from comedy. Those endorphins! The rush keeps me coming back; it’s still there. I love it, I just love it man! I still get it after all this time. It’s great.

You’ve been doing stand up for a while now, what’s your favorite moment?

There are way too many moments to choose from. The important things are my favorite moments, because this job can take over your life. It doesn’t have to define you. It’s like anything. If you remember that, you can still enjoy it and have a good time. The day I married my wife and having kids… these are my favorite moments.

Lastly, what other comedians do you enjoy?

Oh man, I’ve been around so long now. I love comedians! But I more enjoy jokes. I’m a jokes man. I love when I see someone write such a great joke, that I wish I wrote it. It’s like art. People look at a painting and admire it, but I look at great comedy and admire it. I’m like: that’s art! There are just so many talented, funny people out there, I mean there are just so many amazing comedians with great material. I just wouldn’t be able to choose.

If you haven’t yet seen Tom perform, he will be in Glasgow performing at The Stand comedy club on the 26th October. Tickets are on sale now.


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