All smiles for Dentists and Nurses

Nathan Stilwell

The Sunday Times has recently released the 2015 University Guide and placed the University of Glasgow in first place for both Nursing and Dentistry.

Both courses scored 100.0 for their total score, with Dentistry receiving a Student Satisfaction score of 98.4 and Graduate Prospects of 99.4. This also marks Glasgow’s School of Dentistry’s fourth consecutive score of 100% overall student satisfaction in the National Student Survey.

Glasgow’s Nursing course has been steadily rising across the league tables, with The Complete Guide placing it in second place for its 2015 University Guide, compared to 19th place in 2010.

Margaret Sneddon, Head of the Nursing department, chalks its success up to the tightly knit nursing community created by the relatively small school, claiming: “You can’t expect students to be caring and compassionate with patients if students and staff don’t feel valued and cared for themselves.”

Dr Ann Marie Rice, Deputy Head of the Nursing and Health Care School, said: “This score is an acknowledgement of our commitment to evidence-based practice and research that both enhance patient care and service delivery as well as underpinning our teaching. Our students have said they believe we are the best in the UK in the National Student Survey and we also know that our graduates leave the University with excellence employment prospects.

Dentistry at the University of Glasgow has been consistently well ranked in recent years as it was placed first in 2010 and 2013.

Grant Creeny, a dental student in his final year, spoke of the support that was available within the department and commented: “The biggest plus of being a dental student at the University of Glasgow is the amount of support received from peers and staff in all endeavours, leading to the strong sense of community felt by all who study here.”

Professor Jeremy Bagg, Head of the Dental School, said: “This is a magnificent result, following on shortly after our fourth consecutive score of 100% overall student satisfaction in the NSS (National Student Survey). The consistency of success we are achieving in recent years is testament to the core quality of our BDS programme and the commitment shown by all staff to ensuring an outstanding student experience.”


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