Sam Wigglesworth
News Editor

GG: How did you get the opportunity to take part in such a prestigious competition?

EF:  I found out about it through an email that the University of Glasgow Engineering department sent out and thought ‘why not?’ It seemed like a great opportunity to get involved.

GG: How did you come up with your design?

EF:  Well the brief led the design. We had to design a trophy that captured the creativity and importance of engineering, it had to acknowledged the past but look to the future and it had to be clearly linked to the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering. It was all done through a CAD app on the computer and after considering the brief we had been set, it took me about 4 or 5 hours to come up with my design.

GG:  Did you find elements of your course helped in any way?

EF:  Not really, it was more of an artistic process. However, whenever it comes to the actual construction of the trophy, my studies will probably help me in that respect. Mechanical engineering should help bring the whole thing together.

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