Glasgow ‘world’s friendliest city’

Louisa Khune

Glasgow has recently been named the world’s friendliest city by the guidebook Rough Guides.

The renowned publisher of travel guides asked its 120,000 social media followers to vote for the friendliest cities in the world using the hashtag #friendlycity. Glasgow came first, beating Dublin and Liverpool, as well as tourist-popular capitals such as Tokyo, Dubai and Cape Town.

Rough Guides states: “A great culture, vagarious locals and a lively student scene all add up to make the city the number one for friendliness and fun.” Events such as the Commonwealth Games and the Scottish Independence Referendum, which were both reported in world news, have created a spotlight on the city.

Students at the University of Glasgow seem to agree with Rough Guides. Fara from Holland agrees that Glasgow is a very friendly, if not the friendliest city in the world, and stated that from her experience, “most people are polite, funny and chatty.”

Hussain from Lebanon added that people are “considerate and peaceful.” However, he notes that at controversial times such as the time of the referendum, Glasgow like any other city can show its violent side.


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