Professor Green cancels QMU gig

Doug Jack


Professor Green was scheduled to play at the QMU last night as their conclusion to the ‘Re-Freshers’ week organised by the four student bodies. However, Green did not perform, disappointing those who had bought tickets.

President of the QMU, Lauren Hinton, relayed to the Glasgow Guardian the reason Green’s management claimed to have cancelled the gig: “We have been told that the reason that Prof. Green could not perform is that he was taken ill on the journey.”

Vice President of Student Activities, Gintare Masiulyte, confirmed that she had also been told this line.

However, concerns are being raised that poor ticket sales may have led to Professor Green cancelling the event, with fans claiming to have seen him in and around the QMU. Some suggested that he may have left due to small turn-out of students. The Glasgow Guardian can place Professor Green in ‘BoBar’ on the Great Western Road at the time he was supposed to be performing.

Fans still got to enjoy Kobi Onyame, and showed enthusiasm that at least they got to see one of the acts, with President Hinton stating that he was “brilliant”, a sentiment supported by fans leaving the venue.

All tickets were refunded at the point of purchase. The show at the QMU was part of Professor Green’s ‘Growing Up In Public Tour’, with other Universities such as Warwick on the bill.


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