Tom Kelly & Ali Begg

Also, there is a proposed counter-terrorism bill that you can read about on page 2. Blatantly, it’s proposals threaten to undermine some of the rights supposedly guaranteed by the United Nations of Human Rights. Those rights being freedom of speech and freedom of religion.  Even beyond the more obvious human rights failures, I doubt many academics want to report students in the ways it appears the bill proposes, so even if it passes I don’t think many of them will begin seeing themselves as the front-line defence of beautiful Blighty. Nonsense, reactionary, populist legislation at it’s finest. In the immortal words of Father Ted, ‘Down with this sort of thing.’

Finally, should you wish to have some involvement in the paper in your hand, or just have any questions, do not hesitate to attend our meetings on Tuesday 5.30pm in Room 208 of the John McIntyre or contact us through the information on our website. You don’t need any experience, just the desire to give it a go.

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