Glasgow University research is “excellent”

Robyn Bell

Research carried out at the University of Glasgow has been judged to be among the best in Scotland and the UK, in a report published by the Research Excellence Framework.

The findings of the report, published on 18 December 2014, demonstrate that the University has not only maintained its reputation for excellence in research, but has also shown an improvement in research deemed to be “world-leading” across all four of its colleges.

The report places Glasgow 12th in the UK and 2nd in Scotland for the overall standard of research carried out.  The results of the report also indicate the increasing commitment of the University to producing high quality and pioneering research, with research deemed to be “world-leading” doubling to 31% since the last report was published in 2008.

In the assessment of research classed as “internationally excellent” the University also demonstrated a marked improvement from 56% of research in 2008 to 81% of research in the latest assessment.

Anton Muscatelli, Principal and Vice Chancellor of the University, commented: “It is particularly pleasing that, in line with the aspirations of the University set out in the University’s 2020 Global Vision, 31% of our output was judged to be of ‘world-leading’ quality. This success lies at the very heart of our contribution to the UK’s economy and, in particular, Scotland’s economy.”

For the first time the study included the impact of the research carried out as an assessment criteria, with academic institutions being appraised based upon the significance of their research to the external environment, as well as the academic value of the research. Glasgow’s high performance under the new criteria is consistent with its status as a Russell Group University, which places an emphasis both upon the standard of research, and its application in the private and public sectors.

A spokesman added, “It is also worth stating that the University of Glasgow’s direct contribution to Scotland’s GDP is estimated at 0.5% of the Scottish economy and over 3% of the city of Glasgow’s GDP.”


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