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The Guardian compares average rent rates in student centred cities across Scotland.

Chloë Bell

An article, written recently in the Daily Record, named the city of Glasgow as having the most affordable rent in Scotland. According to their sources, those living in Glasgow spend on average 35% of their monthly income on rent, whilst those living in Edinburgh spend roughly 47%. However, in this article, we want to see how the rent for other ancient universities across Scotland compare to that of University of Glasgow.

Is Glasgow’s West End, the student hub of Glasgow, the most affordable when compared to other similar student centred cities?

A study that was carried out by ‘HomeLet’ stated that rent in Edinburgh was the most expensive in Scotland, with people spending 47 per cent on rent. Using the website ‘Home’ who compare rent prices across the UK, a two-bedroom flat in Edinburgh will average out at £911 pcm.

With Edinburgh being a capital city, it is perhaps understandable that your living costs will be higher than the neighbouring city of Glasgow, where rent prices average out at £569 pcm. The West End of Glasgow, which is known as the popular area amongst students and professionals centres around Great Western and Byers Road, where there are plenty of restaurants, shops, bars and clubs.

However, flats in this area of town are in high demand. The average West End two-bedroom flat could cost £900 pcm, showing no real difference from Edinburgh’s rent princes.

Dundee is the fourth largest city in Scotland and, like Glasgow, is a busy student-focused city, with two main universities placed within the city centre. Here,  rent prices in Dundee for a two-bedroom flat average out at £516 pcm. In terms of affordability Dundee’s student prices are certainly appealing, however Dundee lacks the vibrant culture of Glasgow and Edinburgh, or even that of Aberdeen just up the road. It seems something would have to entice students to Dundee.

St Andrews, the home of the third-oldest university in the English-speaking world, where, during term-time, students make up approximately one third of the town’s population. St Andrews is known for catering more towards the wealthier student, with its small streets filled with decadent, cosy pubs. On average, a two-bedroom flat would set you back £990 pcm, and with students not able to venture to neighbouring towns or cities, their only option is to pay St Andrews prices, therefore becoming a captive market.

Lastly, students of the University of Aberdeen, stationed in the middle of an oil-rich city, will find themselves paying the highest rent in Scotland. The average price for a two-bedroom property comes in at £1,119 pcm, a figure that makes the blood curdle with fear.

It would seem as though students at the University of Glasgow cannot feel safe in the knowledge that they are paying the cheapest rents in Scotland. That piece of mind goes to Dundee’s happy students! Commiserations to students Edinburgh, St Andrews and Aberdeen, who have to face paying fees up to and above £1000.


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