Tedx University of Glasgow Launch party

Nathan Stillwell

TEDxUniversityofGlasgow are set to start the ball rolling with their launch party on Wednesday 25th February, 19:00 to 23:30 at the Grosvenor café.

As the Main conference, set for the 7th of March, is restricted to only 100 attendees, the launch party will give a much larger audience a real taste into the TEDx experience, along with an open buffet, drinks and much wider range of entertainment.

Entertainment will include live bands such as The Flying Penguins, Sonny and the Lost Soul Train, and The Bellybuttons; Comedy sketches from the Glasgow Laughter and The Sketch Society and even more peculiar amusement like an interactive magician, a giant chess set and human bingo.

The event will also include talks from keynote speakers and speakers from the community to give an insight into TEDxGU2015’s topic of “Crossing the Rubicon”, the Julius Caesar inspired antonym reflecting ‘a point of no return’.  TEDx will cover issues sensitive to Glasgow as well as much borader topics about connectivity and change.

One of the speakers, Cameron Mackay, who will do a talk at the Launch party, has travelled around the world documenting how Climate Change is impacting our lives. He uses film-making, music, and talks to depict a wide range of issues such as water shortages in the Himalayas and tourism influx in Greenland.

TED is an international recognised brand standing for Technology, Entertainment and Design, who hosts talks and lectures on a whole range of issues across the world. TEDx is an entirely student run organisation that “allows for enthusiastic individuals, like ourselves, to join together to host our own conferences where we can promote the TED motto of ‘ideas worth spreading’ within our communities.”

Last year’s launch party saw over 450 guests, made up of both staff and students, enjoy a huge range of entertainment. This year’s event is set to meet expectations and give everyone attending a real sample of what TEDx is about.

Find out more about TEDxUniversityofGlasgow:


Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/399434710219978


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