Kate Snowdon
Production Manager

The Students Beans University Drinking League surveyed 1,649 UK university students, asking them about their drinking habits and attitudes. The poll places Glasgow well above nearest rivals Strathclyde, in 28th place, and Edinburgh creeping in at 29th.

Drinking an average of 16.56 units a week, Glasgow’s weekly intake amounts to roughly 7 pints, 4.3 burgers or 127 minutes of running.

However, the numbers are lower nationally than they were three years ago, when fourth place went to the University of Hull, where students consumed an average of 26 units per week, and the top spot went to Queen’s University Belfast, downing an average of 27.3 units per week. In this year’s survey, the University of York comes out on top, averaging just 19.73 units per week.

The recommended units a week for a man is 21, and a mere 14 for women, and the NHS guidelines advocate this is consumed over the week in sittings of 3-4 units for men and 2-3 units for women, roughly a large or medium glass of wine respectively.

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