QMU Presidential Candidate says homophobic and transphobic Twitter account is a ‘tongue-in-cheek parody’

Tom Kelly and Nathan Stilwell
Editor & Writer

UPDATE: Chris Steven added to the Glasgow Guardian that he performs stand-up comedy, specifically outwith QMU as he states he does not want “people to mistake my style for my real opinions”. He claims the Twitter account reported on is related to the comedy he performs.

An account bearing the name and picture of Chris Steven, QMU presidential candidate, has been brought to the attention of the Glasgow Guardian due to a slurry of homophobic, transphobic, sexist and racist tweets.

The account, which has been actively tweeting since 2012, has published tweets which included the word “faggot” 9 times in the past two years, the most recent example being: “you bunch of post modern hipster faggot fucks I hate you all.”

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 22.51.49The account also tweeted: “And the only reason Miranda Hart is critically praised is because everyone thinks she’s a transvestite and they want to support the LGBT” on 23 July of this year.

This was preceded by, on 24 November 2013: “RE: Feminism. Without a man, you will never get to get drunk on power and strangle your own children to prove you’re a strongwoman.”

When the Glasgow Guardian asked Steven if the Twitter account in question “@themankbank” belonged to him, he confirmed that it did. However, Steven said in the same statement “I don’t at all relate it at all to any of the work I put into the union” and described it as “more a tongue in cheek parody of myself and of the angry and disillusioned man I could be perceived to be.”

Steven’s presidential manifesto states that he wants QMU members to feel that the union “treats them with respect.”

Chris Steven is the current QMU Social Convenor, having been elected at the by-election following the resignation of Patrick MacDonald. Elected for the first time only a year ago, Chris Steven was previously a Current Student Representative, having been elected in the first year only constituency, before resigning to pursue the Social Convenor role. He was not contested in either election.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 21.54.16In his time as Social Convenor he has overseen the establishment of FUQ (an abbreviation for Friday Union Quiz), moving away from Pop Culture and a Piano, a previously successful afternoon quiz, which had since flagged.

The Glasgow Guardian checked the Twitters of the other two candidates and found nothing of particular note.


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