Editorial March 2nd 2015

Due to confusion over version of files, the editorial for the March the 2nd edition of the Guardian was printed with last issue’s editorial, below is the copy of the editorial intended for print. 

Tom Kelly

I usually wake up at seven am on election day and go out to put up posters, and then spend the rest of the day intercepting poor unsuspecting freshers in the street with a flyer in one hand and sweets in another.

Thankfully, this year I’m retiring from the rat race and instead I’ll be sitting in the Guardian office watching over proceedings through the Guardian’s live all day coverage. Guardian reporters will be out all day becoming entirely frozen/drenched/sunburnt (yeah, right) to ensure they give you great coverage of all four student body elections which by some miracle are happening in the one day.

We’ll also be providing live feed coverage of all the election hustings, hecklings and debates, presenting you with the opportunity to follow the elections in the library or at home and even ask questions through us. The hub for all the action will be glasgowguardian.co.uk.

Speaking of which you really should vote. These elections can fundamentally change the way the student bodies are and if you want to have a say in how the student organisations are acting it’s the only real way, except going to AGM’s, but those are a bit more effort.

The Guardian always tries to act in the interest of informing students. This year for the first time we have included analysis of candidates manifestos in order to provide an idea of the feasibility or potential ramifications of certain promises as well as helping you separate the guff from the good. Largely these things come down to opinion but the Glasgow Guardian believes that it is in all students best interests to vote for Liam King, this is not only my opinion as editor but a unanimous decision of the staff involved in our coverage of the SRC election. This is because we believe that the university needs to be challenged and his manifesto clearly shows he will seek to do this. In general we believe his manifesto is an extremely rare example of honest electioneering that must be applauded. It would be a shame to see such an opportunity for change that is badly needed pass by for the SRC. Burn the beige I feel is very appropriate.

There are some other good candidates, but no others who we feel we can say that we are certain we believe students should seek to elect but our interviews and manifesto criticism should help make your decisions easier if you’re torn.

We also have included in this issue the traditional top trumps, but this year we’ve added a blank template for you to make your own trumps for either for your private games or to share on social media. We hope you have some fun with that, we know we will be.

With all this election stuff happening on campus you may become a bit tired of voting and campaigners but the general election is only about two months away and if you want to vote the deadline for registering is April 20th. That’s still a while away but its also when our next issue comes out, so I may as well tell you now.

It’s a very interesting national election with many saying the UK is more divided politically than ever, your votes could matter very much but I’m sure you’re sick of me going on about elections now.

International Women’s Week events at University of Glasgow begin the day this issue comes out and there’s a huge amount of them, it’s very impressive how much has been done. The strength of many of the events is also really impressive and the week has now certainly become one of the best organised events weeks in the University calendar which a lot of people should be very proud of.


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