Audio Interview with Domi Bacanskaite and Vicky Leigh on Election Caps

Following a conversation between Domi Bacanskaite, VP Student Support Candidate, Vick Leigh Charities Clubs & Societies Candidate and Tom Kelly, our editor in chief, we asked former and current SRC candidates if they think there should be a cap on election budgets. Below you can find responses to that beginning with the initial conversation with Domi Bacanskaite and Vicky Leigh, followed by VP Student Activities Candidate Ameer Ibrahim, Presidential candidates Cal Davies and Liam King, Former SRC Presidential and current GUU PSM candidate Donald Mackay, VP Student Support candidate UnaMarie Darragh, SRC Gender Equality Office candidate Morag Deans and SRC Age Equality Officer. We apologise for the wind noise, it’s super windy on library hill, we have socks for the microphones now.

Domi Bacanskaite


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