Taxis Cup 2015 Preview: Women’s Hockey Club


By Selena Jackson

GUSA Correspondent

After last year’s success at the Taxi’s Cup, it’s set to be another eventful tournament for the Black and Golds when they take on Strathclyde and Caledonia at Glasgow Green next week. There are a lot of new faces this year, with more than half a dozen freshers in the team. Ellis Calcutt and Gwen Morton-Lloyd will be leading the girls, with club captain Christy Thomson feeling confident that they will be able to ward off close competition from Strathclyde.

On paper, Glasgow has the strongest team, going for a fifth consecutive victory, but Thomson knows that it’ll be important for the team to keep a cool head if they want to aid the university in carving their name on the trophy once more.

In centre midfield, Kirsten Turnbull is pegged as one of the team’s most promising players, and at the back there’s new goalie Rowan Sinclair who has chosen to play for Glasgow Uni’s team over the Scottish.

While there’s no doubt that the Commonwealth pitches will see a high standard of hockey played on the 18th, the atmosphere of the friendly rivalry amongst the sea of painted faces descending upon them will be what truly makes this year’s Taxi’s cup one not to be missed.


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