Battling Glasgow retain their trophy

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Selena Jackson
GUSA Correspondent

The relief amongst Glasgow’s athletes was evident as GUSA President Tom Gebbie lifted the Taxis Cup at the Emirates Arena on 18 March. Having boasted a confident attitude ahead of the competition with a handful of intentionally provocative, although good-spirited, posts on Instagram in the weeks prior to Glasgow’s face-off against Strathclyde and Caledonian, the teams were clearly well aware that defeat simply was not an option in 2015.

With matches, races and tournaments being fought by over 850 athletes across the city, the atmosphere was as vibrant as the dozens of painted faces storming the grounds.

Despite an initial defeat to Strathclyde in the women’s netball, Glasgow’s girls quickly found their stride, triumphant over both rivals in the hockey at Glasgow Green, thanks in part to a stunning performance by goalie Rowan Sinclair, a former member of the national squad. Both the men’s and women’s basketball titles were also cinched by Glasgow, soon followed by further victories in the men’s volleyball, with the women’s team suffering a shock defeat to Caley. However, momentum wasn’t lost on reflection, with the Glasgow girls praising their rivals’ performance.

After a tense recount in the swimming, Glasgow managed to come out on top, eventually winning a tough battle against Strathclyde by just one point, after success in the final relay.

The Taxis Cup has recently seen the introduction of a handful of new sports, including trampolining and an equestrian meet; first place in both went to the Black and Golds.

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As was expected, all three teams had their eyes on the prize, and the day was by no means without its highs and lows for Glasgow. Caley went on to also take the men’s Gaelic football title, with Strathclyde emerging victorious in the men’s hockey, rugby and tennis.

Concluding the day was a nail-biting athletics finale, hosted at the Emirates before the final scores were announced. With the stands down the home straight packed with athletes and supporters alike, anticipation buzzed in the air as results up-until that point were frantically being worked out. With Glasgow hot on their heels, Strathclyde eventually pulled ahead to win the athletics, before each of the teams’ presidents took to the stage for the awards ceremony. The nerves seemed to kick in for Glasgow’s support in the stadium, as for some time it seemed as though the title was quickly slipping from Glasgow’s grasp thanks to Strathclyde’s commendable performance. With the results neck-and-neck up until the very last moment, the Black and Golds erupted with joy and relief when it was revealed that the trophy would in fact be returning to its pride of place in the Stevie.

Glasgow’s Senior Vice Principal, Neal Juster, was in attendance to witness the triumph and expressed his delight at the results: “I would like to congratulate everyone for all of the hard work they have put in. Their success is well deserved. The Taxis Cup is getting better and better each year.” That it is indeed, and it’s fair to say that Glasgow’s pride was well warranted given the tumultuous nature of this year’s competition, and with the prestigious trophy safely in GUSA’s care for another year, it doesn’t look like Glasgow will be willing to surrender their honour anytime soon.


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