Editorial April 27th 2015

Tom Kelly
Editor in Chief

Quickfire editorialisations, go!

Do you care about your society? Then vote, the election is very soon and it seems pretty important. Did I say pretty important? I meant immensely. I’m not going to tell you how to vote but bear in mind that the reason pensioners get talked about so often in debates is that they vote. If you want a world in which it seems like politicians care about young people and students you will unfortunately have to vote to get their attention.

The University should give students Erasmus+ grant funding on a case by case basis and in reference to the cost of living in the country the student is going to, otherwise the less privileged students will find themselves struggling to take it on. This is blatantly obvious to people with no experience in running universities; why on earth is it not to the University?

Good luck in your exams but remember this is not the world’s end – it’s Gilmorehill and life will go on no matter what, and it will still be meaningful.

This is the final issue of the year. We’ll be back with a new editorial team and lots more exciting stuff ahead. It’s been a good year for us, with our best ever online figures and some really good foundational work going on behind the scenes. We’re really excited about where we are going and we’d like to invite you to join us. Applications for next year’s editorial team will open this week so keep an eye on our Facebook page.

It’s been a great ride this year. I’d like to heartily thank all the editorial team, particularly Kate who has been very good and had quite a thankless job (you’ve already won an award Josh). I’d also like to say thank you to Ali Begg who took this on with me; I enjoyed it immensely and think we did well. You’re a brother to me always.

I don’t know if the statement will remain on the Glasgow Guardian officce wall forever, but I was proud to have been on the side of the students.


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