Danielle McFadyen

It was organised by the Hope Over Fear Campaign in favour of Scottish independence, or as the Facebook event states, "Pro-Scotland, Anti-Establishment". Those were the running themes throughout the day, as well as disdain for Trident and austerity. There was a lot of talk of the upcoming election as a chance to "shake up Westminster", to be better represented and to challenge the status quo.

Although there was a lot of textbook nationalism from both speakers and supporters, one woman told me all she wanted to do was "put a spanner in the works" of what she considered a closed shop and elitist political system. I also spoke to people who admitted to "not being in to politics", and were there merely in support of equality and a "fairer society" for the whole of the UK, which they seen to be offered by SNP, Greens, SSP and ultimately Scottish Independence.

There were speakers from many different pro-Indy organisations, as well as poets and musicians. Most of them are detailed on the Facebook page, where you can find more information on Hope Over Fear.


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