In pictures: Hope Over Fear rally

Danielle McFadyen

The day was busy, lasting  from 11am into the evening. A lady from Dunoon told me that people had come from all over Scotland to lend their support. There was a really varied mix of people, and a lot of different organisations, and also a lot of children. Many had flags or tartan, with venders patrolling the square. A lot of people were having picnics and the atmosphere was generally very positive and very family friendly.

It was organised by the Hope Over Fear Campaign in favour of Scottish independence, or as the Facebook event states, “Pro-Scotland, Anti-Establishment”. Those were the running themes throughout the day, as well as disdain for Trident and austerity. There was a lot of talk of the upcoming election as a chance to “shake up Westminster”, to be better represented and to challenge the status quo.

Although there was a lot of textbook nationalism from both speakers and supporters, one woman told me all she wanted to do was “put a spanner in the works” of what she considered a closed shop and elitist political system. I also spoke to people who admitted to “not being in to politics”, and were there merely in support of equality and a “fairer society” for the whole of the UK, which they seen to be offered by SNP, Greens, SSP and ultimately Scottish Independence.

There were speakers from many different pro-Indy organisations, as well as poets and musicians. Most of them are detailed on the Facebook page, where you can find more information on Hope Over Fear.



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