Hive relaunches after two years away


At long last, the Hive finally returned on Saturday the 17th of October, opening to students for the first time the Glasgow University Union’s new bar and nightclub facilities. The GUU unveiled the Base bar, a rustic Jack Daniel’s sponsored bar; The Well, a smaller  bar which will serve as a live music venue; and the much-loved Hive nightclub itself.


The Hive launch party marked the end of nearly two years of construction, after the venue’s emotional, and dramatic, farewell on 1 February 2013. While the total capacity of the venue remains unclear, The Glasgow Guardian can confirm that tickets for the launch event on Saturday 17 October sold out.



GUU president Rory Slater told The Glasgow Guardian:  “GUU is extremely excited to finally return the Hive to Glasgow University students with four brand new bar and entertainment spaces. Saturday’s launch night was a taster of what’s to come over the next few months and into next year as we seek to make full use of the incredible new facilities.
Monday also saw the opening of G12, our brand new Cafe/Bar offering a completely unique take on what we already offer at GUU with Starbucks Coffee, Martha’s Sandwiches, £4 Cocktails and a great range of Craft Beers and Premium Spirits.”

Click hear to read The Glasgow Guardian‘s News Editors Lauren and Nathan’s take on the Hive launch night



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