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The Glasgow University Union election results were announced tonight.

Blair Lockwood won Honorary Secretary by 233 votes.

Lockwood, a second year Product Design Engineering student, has promised to build a reputation and improve relationships across campus with the other student bodies and societies including GULGBTQ+, as well as posing the idea of possible drop in sessions to improve contact with students and members. Having being a PSM for one year, he also aims to rectify the incidents faced by GUU on club nights, and upgrade the kitchen services within the union.

The following candidates were also elected to the board of Glasgow University Union:

President - Fergus Greig

Vice President - Gavin Muir

Honorary Secretary- Blair Lockwood

Honorary Treasurer - Stephen White

Assistant Honorary Secretary - Liseli Sumbwanyambe

Former Student Members - Heather Whiteside, Paul Sweeney

Convener of Debates - Douglas Jack

Convener of Games - Hannah-Naomi Karim

Convener of Libraries - Anna Ireland

Convener of Entertainments - Elsa Brotchie

Present Student Member (to March 2017) (5 Positions) - Michael Finlayson, Emma Prendergast, Aslak Ringhus, Connor Davidson, John Douglas Willison.

Present Student Member (to March 2018) (5 Positions) - Miss Keri Anderson, Roderick MacVicar, Craig Everett, Ailsa Jones, Alexanda Kate Martin.

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