SRC spring election 2016 – full results


Sabbatical officers

  • President
  • Ameer Ibrahim: 1, 561 votes
    Una Marie Darragh: 1,543
  • Ellen Morton: 227

  • Vice President (Education)
    Kate Powell: 1087 votes
    Salim Al-Wasity: 211 votes

  • Vice President (Student Activities): 
  • Mhairi Harris: 966
  • Galina Misheva: 380
  • Farhan Riaz Ahmed: 252

  • Vice President (Student Support)
  • Erin Ross: 829 votes
    Iain French: 272 votes

Welfare and Equal Opportunities Officers

Mental Health Equality Officer
Elliot Porter: 523 votes
Zak Hussain: 435 votes
Kirsten Muat 314 votes

Environmental Officer
Chris Holdsworth: 482 votes
Hannah Kay: 223 votes
Isabella Nilsen: 442

International Students Officer
Thao Ha: 551 votes
Hussein El-Ajouz: 417 votes

Charities, Clubs and Societies Officer
Pritasha Kariappa: 576 votes
David Robertson: 487 votes

Disability Equality Officer
Lauren “Shoogle” McDougall: 736 votes

Gender Equality Officer
Thais Ramdani: 792 votes

Sexual Orientation Equality Officer
Dylan Beck: 789 votes 

Undergraduate Convenors

UG Arts College Convenor
Jenny Benson: 218 votes

  • UG Science and Engineering Convenor:
    Alex Pancheva: 278
    Imran Hafeez: 183 votes

  • UG Social Sciences College Convenor
  • Jan Vlcek: 238 votes

UG MVLS Convenor: No candidates

Postgraduate Convenors

PG MVLS College Convenor
Bob Rooney: 64 votes

PG Arts College Convenor: no candidates

PG Science and Engineering Convenor: no candidates

PG Social Sciences College Convenor: no candidates

PG Taught Convenor: no candidates

Academic Officers

School of Social and Political Sciences Representative
James Richardson: 99 votes

School of Psychology Representative
Shutong Luan: 45 votes

School of Mathematics and Statistics Representative
Liam Bergin: 56 votes

School of Geographical and Earth Sciences Representative
Joshua MccAhil: 72 votes

School of Computing Science Representative
Nina Hristozova: 63 votes

School of Engineering Representative
Anwar Abushaala: 97 votes

School of Business Representative
Julia Kamenova: 111 votes
Christabel Chittick: 47 votes

School of Chemistry Representative
Rafael Crespo Molina: 13 votes

School of Medicine Representative
Haseeb Hamid: 170

School of Humanities
Hannah Todd: 86 votes
Ryan O’Fee: 46 votes


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