SRC VP writes to to Margaret Burgess MSP over Private Housing Bill.

UnaMarie Darragh

Nathan Stilwell
News Editor

Una Marie Darragh, Vice President Student Activities for the Student Representative Council (SRC) has written to Margaret Burgess MSP, the Minister for Housing and Welfare, regarding the Private Housing Bill in the Scottish Parliament.

Darragh has expressed concerns over the eviction grounds of the Private Housing Bill, where tenants could be evicted for antisocial behavior or by associating with someone who was engaged with antisocial behavior and has requested for Burgess to amend or delete these grounds from the bill.

Darragh believes they would allow landlords to apply to evict a tenant if they are convicted of antisocial behavior in a location unrelated to the property they are renting. She writes: “Whilst we agree that landlords and communities should be protected from anti-social tenants, the current wording of the bill could see unscrupulous landlords evicting tenants via the ‘back door’ for a crime completely unrelated to the tenancy or property in question.”

She also believes the eviction through association “could result in innocent parties being put at risk of losing their home due simply to the fact that they are unaware of a friend or family member’s criminal past.”

As of the time of publication, Margaret Burgess has not officially responded to Darragh’s letter.

Read Una Marie Darragh’s letter in full:


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