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Rory Curran

Friday evening was spent re-lacing boots with rainbow laces in the university stance for equality in sport.

Saturday started the same as it did the previous year: playing Leeds, who have a particularly strong female half of their team. Glasgow started well and never looked back, registering a strong 13-9 win.

Next up was the dominant team of the year – who have won every national title to date and have knocked Glasgow out each time en route! The game was incredibly high quality with zero turnovers in the first 10 points, taking the game to 5-5 with Birmingham relying on a massive receiver to get them out of trouble numerous times. A sound effort from a development team by Glasgow. As both sides started to shut ‘option A’ down and create some turns Birmingham’s experience started to show as they were able to adapt more of their plays and respond defensively to Glasgow’s. Birmingham came out 13-8 winners.

The last game of the day was Bangor, who had a deep squad and some top disc skills. Glasgow, having learnt from their first two games, started strong taking a quick 6-0 lead. A Suisse Draw meant every point mattered, with captain Curran emphasising the need to maintain focus despite nearing the end of a long day’s play. Leading by example he made a massive layout grab, getting fully horizontal to grab the trailing edge of an Iain Campbell huck. Using the large buffer available to them Glasgow used more and more of their newer players, eventually winning out 13-2.

The day was a great success with the team finishing the day on the podium as 3rd seed, developing their players, making a stance for equality in sport. They also never missed the chance to plug their “GUU (ultimate)” Spotify playlist in a bid to win £10,000 for the club in this year’s Soundclash. Every follow counts; they’re currently sitting second in the UK to Warwick rowers in a David vs Goliath-esque battle… You know what to do!

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