Children now allowed in to university library


Lauren Holt
News Editor

Glasgow University are allowing students to bring their children into the university library.

Susan Ashworth, a University Librarian, confirmed the stance of the University library to Elliot Napier, the SRC Age Equality Officer. Napier believes this is a positive step in making student parents’ lives easier.

“We’re really pleased that the library is able to make this small step to making student parents’ studies a little bit easier and both Susan Ashworth and I are confident that this won’t affect people studying in the library at all.  The university’s lack of facilities and procedures for students who are parents is one of the things that has come up most often from my constituents and this small matter was one that seemed to be achievable.”

The verification comes after students with children were worried about childcare over the Easter holidays, and balancing their parental role with studying. Before this confirmation, some parents found library attendants had differing views on allowing them to enter with their children.

Some students are concerned about how this will affect the study environment and are worried that young children may upset the quietness essential in crucial exam periods. Napier assured the The Glasgow Guardian that this would not be an issue, saying: “Parents are only really looking for short-term access so that they can use facilities like printing, to obtain short loans and borrow, return or renew books.”

“There certainly won’t be children running around the quiet levels while their parents are studying and the students coming in with their children will be expected to make sure their behaviour is appropriate for the library.”

Allowing children in the library is part of a project from Napier and Una Marie Darragh, SRC VP of Student Support, looking to improve provisions for students who are parents, looking at issues such as whether parents should be granted essay extensions due to their child being ill. Napier hopes this is just the first step in making Glasgow University more friendly to student parents.
“In the future, I’d love to see a creche in the library or perhaps a play area where students can study at desks or seats around the area and keep an eye on their kids, as exists in other university libraries in the UK, but that would be far in the future I’d think.”


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