GLA: Twin Atlantic’s newest album is an exciting musical tribute to Glasgow


Michael Phillips

Twin Atlantic, one of Scotland’s most renowned bands, released their new album GLA earlier this month after taking only six weeks to record, compared to Great Divide which took six months. The band are now travelling the UK to promote the album, the tour described as a new start for all band members.

Having released three albums prior to GLA – Vivarium, Free and Great Divide – this is the first album that the band claim to be making for themselves.

GLA is definitely a heavier Twin Atlantic album than what their audience is used to. It has huge drum beats, roaring guitars and even banshee-like vocals by frontman Sam McTrusty. The album features twelve tracks in total, opening with Gold Elephant: Cherry Alligator, a loud heavy rock song about the band’s new change from making music to sell in the industry, closing with Mother Tongue, a ballad which Sam described to the Daily Record as a “middle finger” to those who question his accent.

On the release date of GLA, HMV Argyle Street held an in-store live performance and signing with the band on September 9th which gave eager fans the chance to hear some new tracks and ask the band about the new album.

Although GLA pays homage to the band’s hometown – from the name, to the album cover and then the songs themselves – fans don’t seem too concerned about the album connecting with internationals: “It’s not going to cut fans off, it’s going to give them an insight to where Twin Atlantic are. It’s going to make it more personal”, stated Emma Storm, a journalism student at GCU.

Emma described GLA as “more original” for the band and “an ode to Glasgow.” She and her brother Paul Storm explained how they know people that travel from America just to see Twin Atlantic perform in their home city.

With the 2nd single from GLA premiering on BBC Radio 1 as the Hottest Record in the World by Annie Mac, it’s safe to say the band have nothing to fear in terms of sales.

GLA is a powerful and beautiful declaration to Glasgow, with meaningful lyrics that capture the well-renowned Glaswegian storytelling ability. Not only is GLA the personal favourite to frontman Sam, but is also the proudest album he has released with the band.
GLA is in stores and on iTunes now – buying it, blasting and head banging to this album during fresher’s week is highly recommended if you are looking for some decent Glaswegian rock music to listen to.

Twin Atlantic also have an upcoming European tour starting early October in Newcastle and ending in December with three back-to-back shows in Glasgow’s very own, Barrowland Ballroom. Tickets available on Ticketmaster.


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