Indie Rockers Blaenavon set for triumphant return to Glasgow


Ryan Shaw-Hawkings

Hampshire indie rockers Blaenavon return to Glasgow on their headline tour following the release of their new EP “Let’s Pray”, playing at The Garage on Sunday 2nd October, a venue that they have “wished to play” since their “first concert in Glasgow”. The band expressed their excitement to play again in a city which they say is “so much fun and full of cool people with a lively nightlife and vibrant music scene”.

‘Blaenavon’ have been a band since 2011 and crept into the limelight of the music scene in 2013. Fast forward to now and they have sent ripples throughout the industry, their success reflected in various summer festival sets, numerous concerts, as well as several articles and features from well-established magazines like NME. Now many fans and critics alike await their highly anticipated debut album which currently remains unnamed and without an exact release date. However, it has been confirmed that it is to be released at “the beginning of 2017” with the finishing touches currently being made. The band called upon Arctic Monkeys’ producer Jim Abbiss to help them with making what they say are “the best songs they have ever made.”

Blaenavon are using this tour to not only play fan-favourites like ‘Prague’ but also to “road test” songs off of their forthcoming debut album. When looking at the band’s music over all four of their EPs one can hear a change sonically into a more mature sound, described by the band as them “growing up” and “changing how they record and write their music”.

The band possesses a “diverse range of musical influences”, this including Pink Floyd, Radiohead, minimalist, world music, jazz, as well as a strong admiration for singer/songwriters like Elliott Smith – Blaenavon produces a truly unique sound. With a beautifully smooth tone in the vocals touched with a tremolo-like wobble, juxtaposed with an often crunchy guitar and fuzzy bass, Blaenavon are versatile in the music they produce. Songs like “Just Dessert” from their most recent EP create a sombre ambience that is beautiful yet upsetting; stand in contrast with for instance “Hell is my Head” from ‘MISS WORLD’ EP, its fast tempo and sing-along chorus sure to make people’s energy skyrocket.

Along with an energetic live show, it is almost certain that the up and coming band is bound to sell out big venues; therefore this may be one of the last chances to witness the Blaenavon in an intimate setting. With fantastic energy and an eclectic sound, this is a band you do not want to miss.


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