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A third of SRC candidates fail to show up at hustings


Rhys Harper
News Editor

Almost a third of candidates in the SRC autumn elections failed to show up at last night’s hustings event. Just 36 of the total 51 candidates standing for election today appeared in the McIntyre Building to answer questions.

Among the five individuals standing for the position of Race Equality Officer, only one candidate – Lam Tran – appeared at the hustings to answer students’ questions, while just three of the five candidates for First Year Representative – Amna Zahid, Kritika Dass and Xavier Weiss – turned up.

Becky Adams, the sole candidate for Interdisciplinary Studies School Representative, travelled from the Dumfries campus to be at the event, returning there immediately after her speech.

Rob Hallam, one of the three candidates for MVLS Undergraduate Convenor, apologised in advance for being unable to make the hustings in person and sent a video message instead.

The positions of General Representative are heavily contested, with only four spots available. Of the nineteen candidates standing seventeen chose to speak last night.

No-shows include Julia Belogurova, Andreea Musat, Martina Lofqvist, Geoff Wang, Tina Li, Anita Awotunde, Jowad Farooq, Linda Salm, Zhao Huang, Abbas Ali, Ada Scarrott, Madihah Hussain and Bayasap Zorigt.

More than half of the categories in today’s elections are uncontested. Voting closes online at 5pm. Results of the election will then be announced at 6:30pm this evening in room 201 of the McIntyre Building.


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