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Izzie Keating
Deputy Culture Editor -Music

Last Saturday the QMU hosted Gloucestershire duo Katy and Rob Pearson who together form the alternative-pop band Ardyn. After the success that came with their first EP Universe, the twenty-year-old twins have released their second EP The Valley to much of our pleasure. There is an undeniable nostalgic and earthy tone to their new material which they described as their “ode to nature.” They are currently on tour supporting the famed electro-rock foursome that is Wild Beasts. The Glasgow Guardian met with them before their show.

The siblings first began their musical endeavour at the age of 12 when they wrote their first song. Three years later they returned to their project, recording and sending the product to their local radio station. After winning battle of the bands they were on a fast track to success, opening Underground festival and playing with the likes of Dog is Dead and Theme Park.

It is interesting speaking to up and coming musicians who were raised outside of the city. Katy explained how she felt her upbringing has affected her sound: “it has done us some good in a way- we’ve gone about music in a different way and haven’t been influenced by the city.” Katy added that they now want to move to the city, the seemingly pragmatic move for a band looking to prosper further.

Both were anxious to talk about their new EP which was released last month. They have been collaborating with impressionable production kings James Ford and Mark Crossey, whose production credits include albums by Arctic Monkeys and The 1975. Katy explained that they have “tried to be a bit more ambitious” with the new album: “We still want to keep the old hazy sounds but we keep stepping the bar up.”

When asked about their motivations for change, she explained, “as a new artist you want to make sure everything you release is different. The music scene is constantly changing and you have got to be open minded with the way you as an artist construct what you would like to be. The album will be the statement of our whole work.”

The track list follows a trend nominally, but where did the inspiration come from? “The names of the songs are inspired from nature. We grew up in such a rural place and we realised how closely connected we are to our surroundings. Our generation is influenced so much by technology… I wanted to create something that was naturally beautiful… that drew people in and let them experience that river and that valley from the names,” Katy explained.

For Katy and Rob there are perks for keeping the music within the family: “People always assume it is rubbish being with your brother all the time. I think it’s much better than being with your friends because it would be awkward to tell them you want your space!” explains Katy. Rob follows up, ‘“There’s no drama- we literally have an argument and five minutes later we are absolutely fine. We’re very lucky really.’”

Ardyn have plans to tour Europe and America next year. You can catch them in Glasgow next month at Nice’n’Sleazys on 10 November.


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