Neo-Nazi group hold “soup kitchen of hate” in Glasgow

Credit: Jonny Mowat

Credit: Jonny Mowat

George Marsden

British Neo-Nazi group Direct Action ran a “whites only” food bank on St Enoch Square last month. Described as a “white rescue” campaign, the group sought to provide food and clothing for Glasgow’s white homeless population.

Police were called to intervene at 10pm but were unwilling to intervene as as no crimes were being committed by the group. A similar self-proclaimed “publicity stunt” took place in Cardiff last month.

According to a video released by the secretive group, the campaign is an offshoot of a wider far-right continental organisation, The National Rebirth of Poland (NOP). The NOP claim to provide “direct support to white people sleeping rough across the UK.”
Solicitor Aamer Anwar said: “These people are fascists who prey on the most vulnerable – homelessness is not caused by refugees fleeing war torn countries nor is it caused by ethnic minorities. These wannabe “master race” types have no place in Scotland – one look at their website reveals their true intentions.”

Photographs on the group’s website show a table stocked with crisps, tins and bottled water under a flag depicting the organisation’s symbol, which resembles that used by Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists. Fascist groups have a history of providing white-only charity, with Greece’s Golden Dawn and Italy’s Casa Pound doing so in recent years.

Little is known about Direct Action; figures pertaining to the size of their membership are not made publicly available. Many faces shown in photographs on the group’s website are pixelated and those wishing to join the organisation are told “You will need to become anonymous.” The group is known to be openly anti-LGBT, as evidenced by their inclusion of homosexuality as one of the “mental issues” disqualifying an individual from membership. The group also publicly praise Nazi scientist Joseph Mengele, their website features a poster bearing Mengele’s face with the words “Save Animals, Test Subhumans”.


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