SRC offers sexual violence workshop to all students


Katy Scott
News Editor

The Glasgow University Students’ Representative Council (SRC) recently coordinated a workshop centred on preventing sexual violence alongside Glasgow Caledonian University and Rape Crisis Scotland. For the first time, the workshop is being offered to all students at the University of Glasgow.

The training will be taking place twice a day every Monday in November. It will be delivered by the 25 students from the University of Glasgow and Glasgow Caledonian University who were trained in September, as reported by The Glasgow Guardian. The student trainers took part in a five day intensive course which equipped them to lead an informal and informative discussion on preventing sexual violence on campus.

The student-led sessions cover topics such as consent, bystander intervention, and building a supportive community.

So far, the workshop has been delivered to Freshers’ Helpers across the four student bodies and has been received positively.

Gender Equality Officer at the SRC and one of the workshop coordinators, Thaïs Ramdani, said: “The Sexual Violence Prevention workshops came from a working group set up between the SRC and Glasgow Caledonian University, and pushed forward by the student initiative Let’s Talk. It came as a way to efficiently tackle issues surrounding sexual violence – in any form – within the university, and beyond.

“The training was first delivered to Freshers’ Helper as they were deemed to be the first point of contact of incoming students, and it is now being opened to the whole of the university. The aim of the workshop is to inform people about what sexual violence is, what consent is, and how it all relates to the law. Not only that, a part of the training is dedicated to bystander intervention, and how to ensure the safety of both others and ourselves.

“I do think that the training will offer a greater awareness of the issues surrounding sexual violence, and ways in which the whole student community can come together in order to tackle those issues.”


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