Scottish Student Sport launch Active Students Survery


Jack Haugh
Sports Editor

Scottish Student Sport (SSS) have launched their Active Students Survey in partnership with UK Active and Precor, as they look to establish the links between sporting participation and the student experience. In the same month as BUCS’ “This BUCS Girl Can” week, aimed at increasing female students participation in sport, the SSS survey has gone live on their website with prizes up for grabs for those who complete it.

“#HowActiveRU because we want to know,” announced SSS in their press release, “every week we will be sharing who is leading the way with the highest rate of response per institution.”

Across the UK, only about 53% of female students and 63% of male do some sort of physical activity every week. In 2014, Professor Ian Hendry, of the Centre for Olympic Studies and Research at Loughborough University, argued that having an outlet other than sport helped athletes to “deal more effectively with the challenges of sport, including setbacks and injury.” While Stephen Baddeley, director of Sport at the University of Bath, remarked that doing sport on the side leads to an increase in self-discipline and motivation.

“Their weeks are very pressurised, so top sportspeople are extremely well organised. The mind wanders when doing essays, but if you develop focus and understanding, then it is a very transferable skill.”

Some notable students at Glasgow over the years have juggled their studies and sporting lives, British record holder in the women’s 1500m and Olympian, Laura Muir, a notable example. A member of the Track and Field Club, and Veterinary Medicine student, Muir was recently named Scottish Athletics Athlete of the year for 2016.

The SSS survey launched on the 1st of November and remains live until the end of the month. To participate, whether you are currently active in any sport at Glasgow or not, simply go to and fill out the survey.


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