Brexit: The Conversation Preview


Sam Wilson

A live panel entitled “Countdown to Brexit: Where next for the UK and Europe?” will feature three academic experts discussing the potential outcomes and effects of Brexit. The event will be taking place on November 18.

The event will feature three panelists and BBC news reporter Dr James Rodgers, who will chair the event.

Principal of the University of Glasgow Professor Anton Muscatelli features on the panel. Muscatelli previously opposed Brexit and backed the Remain campaign, claiming that: “Brexit could have a deleterious effect on the Scottish economy”.

Muscatelli was previously a consultant to the World Bank and the European Commission. He is the chair of the Scottish Government’s Standing Council on Europe and advises the House of Commons’ Treasury Select Committee on monetary policy and is one of the country’s leading economists. After it was announced that Brexit was to become a reality, Muscatelli was eager to send reassurance to international students at Glasgow University and confirmed that he would ensure it affected their studies in as little a way as possible. He opts to maintain a European outlook at the University of Glasgow.

The panel also features Dr Uta Staiger, Executive Director at the European Institute of University College London. She researches modern European politics and the role that culture plays in establishing both citizenship and democracy. Her input to the panel will establish the connection between Brexit and culture and the arts. Staiger was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts in 2012 and she has a PhD from the University of Cambridge.

Professor Andrea Nolan, the Principal of Edinburgh Napier University is the third panelist on Brexit: The Conversation. Nolan is a qualified veterinary surgeon and the Chair of the Scottish Higher Education Enhancement Committee. She will provide an insight as to how Brexit may students and what they can expect in the coming months and years as the result of Britain voting to leave the European Union.

Students are encouraged to attend the event and get involved. Students can sign up for tickets or submit their own questions to the organisers who may give them to the Conversation’s panel of leading academic experts.

The Conversation, the host of the event, is an independent journalism institution which provide news and views, primarily sourced from the academic community and produced to target both students and academics.


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