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No nominations for Glasgow University Rector


Credit: Michael D Beckwith

Katy Scott
News Editor

With nominations for the position of Rector of the University of Glasgow closing two days ago, it has been confirmed that there were no nominations.

Nominations have been open since 16 December, and each nomination required a letter of consent from the nominee and ten signatures from students who back them. Elections for Rector are currently scheduled from 9am on 20 February until 5pm on 21 February.

Students’ Representative Council (SRC) President Ameer Ibrahim said: “The Rector’s role on University Court is to represent the view of students. The need to ensure the student voice is expressed on the Institution’s Governing Body is very important, and something that has not actively been present from the Rector for a number of years.”

The SRC website states: “The importance of chairing Court cannot be underestimated. It is vital to have a student focused voice at the chair of Court so that a student perspective is always at the forefront of decisions made by the Court… The potential value of a good Rector to the interests of students is hard to exaggerate.”

The Rector is the “ordinary president” of the University Court and has a casting vote. Along with two SRC council members, they represent the voice of the students.

The current Rector of the University of Glasgow is Edward Snowden, who will leave office in April. The SRC recently held a debate on “regretting” Snowden’s term as Rector due to his absence and inability to fully partake in the role.

Ibrahim added: “Students at the University of Glasgow have not had an active Rector on campus for over three years. After some recent discussions with students, it certainly appears this has had an impact on engagement levels.

“The SRC is currently in discussions with the University to identify the best course of action moving forward in looking at dates to reopen nominations.”


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