Credit: Alisdair

Glasgow most popular Scottish destination for EU students

Credit: Alisdair

Ross McMichael

Data recently released from the world’s leading marketplace for overseas student accommodation suggests that the UK is still a popular destination for students from the European Union following the Brexit referendum in June. revealed that Glasgow is the second most searched UK destination on the website, just behind London.

Despite worries that the UK may cease to be a popular destination for higher education, the survey highlights that enquiries regarding UK accommodation by European students tripled from September to December 2016 when compared to the same period last year.

Second year student at Glasgow University, Malen, from Spain, named the free tuition fees available in Scotland to EU students as a contributing factor in her decision to study in Glasgow. Swedish first year student Frida cited the perceived better job prospects available to those who study in the UK as a key reason for studying in Glasgow.

Frida said that the size and nature of Glasgow was a significant factor for her when applying to university. While Glasgow remains a relatively modest-sized city, it manages to boast a wide range of daily events and cultural activities.

This increase in interest from across Europe is also in line with an increase in students from outside of Europe.

A spokesperson for the University of Glasgow said: “It is excellent to hear that a recent survey found that Glasgow was the second most popular destination for European students.  This adds to other surveys and polls all of which confirm the University of Glasgow as a highly attractive place to come to study and learn, and where the student experience is, we believe, second to none.”


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