Credit: Ashley Stebbings

Study suggests Glasgow University offers most expensive studying experience

Credit: Ashley Stebbings

Katie Heeps

A price comparison website has found that students at the University of Glasgow spend more during their studies than any other Scottish university.

The study suggests that students should expect to pay £20,542 per year to study at Glasgow.

Go Compare recently generated a detailed university comparison list which examined the living costs of every university in the UK on 10 key criteria including tuition, halls and social spending.

For fee paying students, the yearly costs at the University of Glasgow are higher than those at the University of Cambridge.

The comparison cited socialising costs, university halls and food as some of the most expensive aspects of studying at Glasgow University. The average student can expect to spend £120 a month socialising, second only to Heriot Watt. Other cost areas where Glasgow University students were significantly above average include clothes, where an average of £840 is spent per person per year, compared to the £252 Dundee students were found to spend.

Students of the University of Glasgow can also expect to spend £5,640 a year on average for halls, £400 more a year than the Scottish average, and £2,160 on food, over £1,000 more per year than students at the Universities of Strathclyde, Abertay and St Andrews.

Students at the University of Strathclyde were found to spend £17,700 a year, mainly saving on food costs and cheaper university halls.

The Universities of Abertay and Stirling were found to offer the two cheapest degrees in the United Kingdom.

A survey conducted last year found that less than half of students in the UK think a degree is enough to earn them a job and many consider going to university a financial risk.


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