Credit: Thomas Nugent

Open Air Gallery on Track

Credit: Thomas Nugent

George Marsden

An open-air art gallery is planned to open at Kelvindale railway station. The proposed West End gallery, which will be Scotland’s first of its kind, was dreamt up by Helen Ntabeni, a local resident and lawyer.

Financed by Go Wild, Ntabeni would like to fill “the place up with art, both on the walls and fences, but coming up from the ground too”, making the railway station more in keeping with its surroundings.

Flowers will also be planted as part of the same effort to make the station presentable. Ntabeni, who has already began planting flowers with the backing of Keep Scotland Beautiful, intends on “lifting people’s spirits here with our garden and artworks.”

The project has already earned community support, with vice chairperson of Kelvindale Community Council Ken Windsor saying: “This is exactly the kind of community project we want to support and encourage.”

The first exhibition is to be called “Vincent- In Colour” and will include information boards about the life and work of Vincent Van Gogh with examples of his most famous pieces along with work from local artists.


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