Nominations for Rector re-opened

Katy Scott
News Editor

The University of Glasgow has reopened nominations for its next Rector. Nominations will close in less than two weeks time.

Each nomination must consist of ten signatures from matriculated Glasgow University students and a letter of consent from the nominee. They must be submitted to the Nomination Court by midday on Friday 3 March 2017. Submissions must be made in a physical copy to the Senate Office or nominated office for students studying away from the main Gilmorehill Campus.

The election will be conducted electronically from 9am on 20 March until 4pm on 21 March.

The Rector represents the student voice on the University Court alongside two other student council members. They are the “ordinary president” of the Court and have a casting vote. Along with two SRC (Students’ Council Representative) council members, they represent the voice of the students.

The nominations for Rector have reopened after none were received during the last nomination period when nominations were open for six weeks. At an emergency SRC meeting on 14 February, the council voted to recommend Court reopens the Rector elections as soon as possible.

The current Rector is Edward Snowden who leaves office in April 2017.


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