GUSA board nominations announced

Jack Haugh
Sports Editor

The final nominations for the Glasgow University Sports Association (GUSA) Elections have been announced, with outgoing President Ruari Thomson set to be replaced by either Isabella Heath or Liam Roberts.

The voting will be open between 1 – 2 March and both candidates will have a chance to outline their manifesto prior to this at the GUSA Hustings event on Monday 27 February.  

The Elective President, who heads a body of twelve students to promote, develop, and help organise sport for over 12,000 students at the University, has been elected unopposed in recent years, including in 2015 when all three of the top posts, Elective President, Vice President and Honorary Secretary, received only one candidate. However, this year only one position has gone unopposed, with Katy Sifton running uncontested as the Events Convenor.  

Isabella Heath, the current Vice President of GUSA, will be hoping to complete her rise through the ranks, having been elected as Welfare Convenor in 2015 before moving onto her current role. If Heath was elected, this would not be the first time that the VP has gone on to lead the organisation, with 2015’s President Caitlin Kelly having done the same. Heath has already outlined how she will use her experience of being a member of four clubs and the sports association to improve GUSA’s sponsorship, Alumni links and the involvement of of the association with clubs on the outskirts.  

Liam Roberts will be hoping to follow in the current President’s footsteps as he looks to make the jump from Finance Convenor.  Citing his experience in managing the budget at GUSA, Roberts has made clear that he will also look to involve more clubs in the GUSA framework as the organisation reworks its Gold, Silver and Bronze affiliation system.  He further outlines that he will endeavour to reduce the number of Wednesday classes, a GUSA hallmark since a 2009 University Senate promise, improve the link between the Fundraising and Outreach Convenor and the clubs, and review the GUSA Strategic Plan which was last updated in 2014.       

A full manifesto for both candidates can be found on their Facebook pages, with voting opening on Wednesday.  


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