Laura Quinn

Yesterday, the nominations for the 132nd annual Glasgow University Union (GUU) election were released.

28 candidates have been nominated for the 21 positions available, and, unlike the Student Representative Council (SRC)’s Spring Election, no position is lacking a nominee. However, several candidates are uncontested, and unless nominations are reopened, 9 candidates will remain unopposed, totally 43% of positions. This includes the positions of Vice President, which will be taken by Davinder Bedi, as well as Honorary Treasurer and the Convenors of the Libraries, Debates, Entertainments, and Games Committees. These candidates have also been previously elected, and will therefore resume office when the 2017 elections conclude.

Two candidates, Blair Lockwood and Aslak Ringhus, are in the running for GUU President, in contrast to last year's elections when Fergus Greig was uncontested for the position.

The most highly contested positions in this year's election are for 3 one-year Present Student Members, which 4 candidates are in the running for, and 5 two-year Present Student Members, in which 8 candidates have been nominated.

However, while there are 3 candidates running for two-year Former Student Members, Gavin Tulloch stands unopposed and will resume office as the one-year Former Student Member.

The elections for President, Honorary Secretary, two-year Former Student Members, one-year Present Student Members and two-year Present Student Members, will be held on 2rd March 2017 between 9am and 7pm.

For a full list of candidates and manifestos, visit the GUU website.

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