Interview and manifesto analysis: Thaïs Ramdani – SRC Vice President Student Support candidate

Kate Snowdon
Manifesto Analysis

Current Gender Equality Officer Thaïs Ramdani is running for Vice President Student Support (VPSS), largely on the strength of her impressive achievements in her current role. However, whilst these achievements speak volumes to her dedication to her current role, her plans for the position of VPSS remain somewhat vague.

Ramdani’s plans for increasing finance to student parents and carers are admirable, as are her intentions to increase peer support to the entire university by adding support services for students abroad and on Glasgow University’s campus’ other than Gilmorehill. However, Ramdani freely admits that she is unsure how these plans will be funded. She speaks of a two-month learning curve, where she will draw money from, but whilst this honesty is refreshing and appreciated, it will do little to encourage voters.

In the scenario that university funding to Counselling and Psychological Services does not increase, she advocates increasing and expanding student-led initiatives such as the recent Let’s Talk campaign and Pronoun Pledge, which help to alleviate pressure on the overburdened mental health services.

Ramdani shows an awareness of what her position demands when discussing engagement. She stated that, whilst aware of the mundanities of an SRC sabbatical position, she also wants to make time for direct student contact with the SRC sabbatical officer. This can only be a positive in a student body who so rarely know who is representing them. Whether or not she will be able to achieve this remains to be seen.

Ramdani places a large focus on gender-neutral language and facilities, as well as family-friendly spaces, and is confident that she can promote the use of gender-neutral language across campus, finding new spaces on campus for these uses. Although lacking in specifics, these ideas have merits and would benefit large, often overlooked chunks of the student population if implemented.

The consistent lack of detail in her plans for implementing these ideas speak to a seeming lack of experience, that no doubt she would gain quickly if elected, but do weaken her candidacy. Overall, Ramdani’s manifesto is incredibly well-intentioned and highly commendable in what she seeks to achieve.


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