Interview and analysis: Mata Durkin – QMU Vice Presidential Management Candidate (unopposed)

Harry Vizor

Mata Durkin is running unopposed for the QMU’s Vice President Board of Management (VP Board). Durkin’s manifesto is structurally strong, exhibiting experience and knowledge of the role. However, she does not go into great depth in explaining how she will achieve her objectives.

Durkin’s capabilities are evident and substantial, despite admitting to not being the most tech savvy individual, she was aware of what is involved in tech training. Durkin also mentioned utilising the skills of others in situations where she may not be the most familiar. This is indicative of a strong and competent VP and sets her in good stead when trying to overcome challenges in a new role.

Due to the fact that the QMU has only this year turned to online voting, Durkin was hesitant to give an exact figure or percentage of voter turnout increase she will be hoping for. This is slightly disappointing as a set objective for an increase would have been a welcome statistic for the electorate. However, with the current turnout so low, the QMU will surely welcome any increase.

Towards the end of the discussion Durkin explained that the role of VP Board is one that is very much behind the scenes, and is not one likely to gain her a celebrity status on campus. However she is clearly passionate and, when pressed on her manifesto, explained that she does have plans of her own for the Union such as being more vocal in Black History Month.

Ultimately, Durkin is a strong candidate and would be a good VP. Her manifesto was reasonable but perhaps too safe. She could have been more explicit in detailing exactly how she will achieve her objectives and could have benefitted from letting one or two of her own plans be known.


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