Interview and analysis: Craig Everett – GUU Honorary Secretary Candidate

Hamish Morrison
Investigations Editor
Manifesto Analysis

The first point of Craig Everett’s manifesto is his dedication to improving the catering services at the Union. In the interview, he claims to be working as part of the Board of Management in his role as Present Student Member, with catering firm Moray Young Associates, to provide better food and drink options in the GUU. Everett also mentions that he is “toying” with the idea of a Friday brunch service, but took pains to note that this was “not a promise”, showing indecision that is decidedly not endearing.

Everett’s promise of the availability of free soft drinks in Hive is interesting and a good, if potentially costly, way to be more inclusive for students who don’t drink. Interestingly, Everett sees this as being most beneficial for home students rather than, for instance, students who do not drink for religious reasons or otherwise. Even more questionable is the assertion that this would be done in an attempt to reduce “the pressure for them to have a drink and drive”. When asked about this, Everett claimed that this is not a problem to his knowledge after GUU club nights, which begs the question as to why it was included in the first place.

Everett’s policy to introduce a membership leaflet detailing benefits and member rights is a solid idea and would likely be supported by the Union, but it is questionable how effective they would be at disseminating information. Day event proposals are unconvincing; even with Everett’s assurances that they will be “as interactive as possible”, it seems unlikely that day events will ever be well-attended.
Everett’s student welfare policies are more encouraging, and he promises that these will be a priority for him, should he be elected Honorary Secretary. However, he only offers a vague commitment to initiatives that already exist, and he seems fairly unconvincing in his ability to follow through in a meaningful way.
Overall, none of Everett’s policies are going to set the world alight, nor do they intend to. Being less experienced and with a less focused and comprehensive manifesto than his competitor, our money would be on Ailsa Jones.


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