Interview and analysis: Paddy Everingham – GUSA VP Candidate

Megan Brass
Manifesto Analysis

Candidate for Glasgow University’s Sport Association (GUSA) Vice President Paddy Everingham is highly passionate and offers long term yet reasonably feasible goals. A sport science student and the current Health and Fitness Convenor, he is already largely involved with GUSA and has clear visions on how he would like to see the association develop both into next year and beyond. His focus is not just on what he can do himself, but on how he can implement initiatives which can continue beyond his time on the council – demonstrating his true devotion to the future of GUSA.

It is true, however, that some of his long-term aims seem ambitious. In his manifesto, he proposes a project to get everyone on campus meeting the World Health Organisation minimum standards for physical activity. Although seemingly far-reaching, when questioned on his plans, Everingham recognised that this would be a long-term project; one which would require taking baby steps towards meeting his goals. However, he did not offer a method of measuring the success of this endeavour.

With a focus not just on those who are involved with GUSA, he recognises the need to reach out to people who are not as engaged in physical activity, and to motivate them to get on board with the initiative. It is unclear how successful such implementation techniques might prove to be, but Everingham is certainly optimistic about encouraging sport and exercise involvement, with plans to increase GUSA engagement from Freshers’ Week throughout the next year and into the future.

This doesn’t mean his manifesto disregards those who are already actively engaged with GUSA. In another ambitious plan, Everingham aims to develop strength and conditioning training for GUSA-affiliated sports clubs. 50 clubs is a lot to cater for, but his plans to train members from each club makes this a long-term, sustainable project – if next year’s VP chose to continue it. Having registered interest and secured involvement from two clubs this year, he has already laid the foundations, putting him in a good position to develop the project further and increase engagement across more clubs.

Everingham’s current position as Health and Fitness Convenor and his passion for the role certainly mean he knows what is important when it comes to developing GUSA in the next year. His ambitious ideas are backed with seemingly sustainable plans, and his focus appears to be on getting as many people as possible involved in sport and exercise. His heavy involvement with GUSA has given him strong ideas about what is important across campus, as well as within the association itself.


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