Five candidates for Rector confirmed so far

Jess Owen
News Editor

Two more candidates have recently been put forward for the position of Rector of Glasgow University, making a total of five nominations that have so far been announced.

In addition to the previous three nominees the Glasgow Guardian reported on, is the Rt Hon Sir Vince Cable, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills from 2010-2015 and a Member of Parliament for Twickenham from 1997-2015. Cable was also deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats from 2007-2010 and shadow chancellor from 2003-2010. A University of Glasgow alumnus and past lecturer, he contested his first parliamentary election in Hillhead, later becoming a Glasgow Councillor. The Facebook page, ‘Vince Cable for Rector 2017’, says: “His strong links to Glasgow, his extensive experience and his record for protecting and promoting liberal ideas, decency and tolerance make his Rectorship vital for our university”.

The second additional candidate is Graeme Eddolls, a recent graduate from the Glasgow University (2014), and current coach of the Rifle and Sporting Gun Club. Much of Eddolls’ campaign rhetoric revolves around his aspirations for GUSA, and the Facebook page ‘Graeme Eddolls for Rector 2017’ contains the following statement: “Keeping Wednesday afternoons free for Club Sport and ensuring this is adhered to by all Colleges within the University will be in my manifesto.

“GUSA initiatives such as the Starfish group for eating disorders, promotion of LGBT sportspersons and the gym buddy system are extremely important and often unaddressed schemes. The Association should be commended for its efforts in this area. As an active Rector on campus, I would plan to work with the current and newly-elected GUSA council to represent their views on how they feel GUSA can benefit ALL students within the University.”

Nominations for Rector of Glasgow University close at 12pm on Friday 3 March. Voting will take place electronically on the 20-21 March.


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