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The results of the Glasgow University Union (GUU) elections were announced last night, with polling closing at 7pm.

Ash Ringhus ran unopposed for President of the Union, after his opponent Blair Lockwood dropped out late in the campaign.

Ailsa Jones was elected Honorary Secretary beating her opponent Craig Everett with over 500 votes.

There were five positions available for the Present Student Member for a two year term, filled in the second count by Ellen Tippen, in the fourth by Cameron Duck and Euan MacVicar, in the fifth count by Imogen Cross and finally by Sky Brettell.

For the three positions available for Present Student Member for a one year term, Francis Webb and Ellen Wilson were elected. Votes were later split among the other candidates, with Jenna MacFarlane later reaching the necessary quota.

Jag Kooner and Robert McMillan were elected Former Student Member for a two year term.

The full Board of Management is now as follows:

President: Mr Aslak Ringhus

Honorary Secretary: Miss Ailsa Jones

Assistant Honorary Secretary: Mr Douglas Keith Jack

Vice-Presidents: Mr Davinder Bedi, Mr Gavin Muir

Honorary Treasurer: Mr Stephen White

Convener of Debates: Mr Andrew Muir

Convener of Games: Miss Katie Knight

Convener of Libraries: Miss Lottie van Grieken

Convener of Entertainments: Mr Connor Kerr Davidson

Former Student Members: Mr Jag Kooner, Mr Rob McMillan, Mr Paul Sweeney, Mr Gavin Tulloch

Present Student Members (two years): Miss Eilidh Tippen, Mr Euan MacVicar, Mr Cameron Duck, Miss Imogen Cross, Miss Skye Brettell

Present Student Members (one year): Mr Francis Webb, Miss Ellen Wilson, Miss Jenna Macfarlane, Miss Keri Anderson, Miss Alex Martin

In a statement to the Glasgow Guardian, Ash Ringhus said he was pleased with the result but regretted his opponent Blair Lockwood dropping out of the race. He noted that this was for “external reasons and not to do with the Union.”

When approached for comment, outgoing President Ferus Grieg declined to comment.

Voting was conducted using Single Transferable Vote and the last position was announced just after midnight.

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